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The more research you do on the financial markets, the more you understand that we are playing in a rigged game.  There is an actual study done by Dalbar, Inc. that studies investors' behaviors and has shown that the normal investor consistently underperforms the markets.  Let that sink in.  

If that is known, then why do we still use tactics and strategies that consistently put us at a disadvantage? The answer is very simple.  


The market is a zero-sum game, meaning for every winner there must be a loser.  Media and big money consistently have us competing against the wrong data, which in return, plays into your emotions and will put you at a disadvantage.


Northwest Planning Advisors is consistently researching the people, entities, and endowments to see how they are playing and consistently winning.  We then try to arm our clients, family, and friends with the information to compete!  

Our mission is to motivate and empower people to control their financial futures

Our specialty is in meeting the needs of investors with portfolios greater than $250,000 that generally seeks consistent portfolio results for the retirement years.  We fully understand that in order to create a stable income for all of retirement requires a specific blend of current income and future growth.

Using the latest in retirement income projecting software, we're able to put together custom retirement income plans that are low cost, efficient, and flexible.


Our custom financial plans forecast and evaluate financial risks together with the identification of procedures to avoid or minimize their impact.  This includes the health and well-being of our clients related to premature death and long-term care.

Adverse scenarios are discussed prior to an event so that we can create a sound plan without the emotional burden affecting our decisions.  So if an unfortunate event happens we can immediately focus on executing the plan as appose to creating one.


We employ an active investment management process designed to maximize each client's returns while minimizing risk.

Our investment managers are unique and 100% transparent. Each client allocation is highly customizable based on your return objectives, risk adversity and tax status of your accounts.

We firmly believe that investment returns should be measured for consistency and that protecting market losses is crucial to long-term performance.


We believe a sound financial plan is the foundation to investor's success.

Our team works with you in clearly defining your goals, properly analyzing your current financial assets, then build and actionable long-term plan to help ensure a desirable outcome.

We also work closely with your existing tax and legal counsel, working together with the common goal of supporting you.


Our vision is to leave the world with more financially responsible individuals

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